Positions available:

We are recruiting Ph.D. students. Fully funded Ph.D and MSc positions are  available.

The newly opened Kaya Laboratory at Virginia Commonwealth University, Department of Biology (part of the Integrative Life Science program at VCU, https://clse.vcu.edu/) is looking for a talented and highly motivated doctoral student candidate to work on a funded project on Systems Biology of Aging. The candidate will join a dynamic multidisciplinary research team focused on solving the mechanisms of aging using a combination of experimental biology, quantitative and computational approaches using different model organisms including yeast, fly and mouse models.

The fully funded doctoral program in integrative life sciences at the VCU provides a unique and welcoming environment for current or prospective graduate students who want to pursue studies focused on the aging process or age-related diseases. Our collaborative research approach provides rich opportunities to interact and learn from scientists in various disciplines. The goal of Ph.D. program is to train new independent investigators who will utilize molecular and genetic techniques to answer emerging research questions.

VCU is one of the top 200 academic institutions in biomedical sciences according to recently published nature index. (https://www.natureindex.com/supplements/nature-index-2019-biomedical-sciences/tables/academic).

Positions available:

(Please note that we do not have positions available for undergrad interns; due to email volume, these queries will not receive responses mostly.)